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About Us/History

Redbud Elementary is beginning its 3rd year in operation, and was opened in Aug. of 2021. Our beautiful school was designed by The Stacy Group of Edmond. It is located at the corner of Douglas and Coffee Creek, east of I-35. It is the first school the district has constructed east of the highway and is the district’s 18th elementary.

Redbud elementary school incorporates PK-5th grades.  The school houses administration, media center, cafeteria, and gym, with playgrounds for upper and lower grade levels. The school’s cafeteria has a stage for student performances with built-in risers. The school’s gym doubles as a storm shelter for the students.

Redbud Elementary school incorporates themes of growing up as represented by the Redbud tree.  Each grade pod takes characteristics from a part of the Redbud tree. Grade level pods arrange classrooms around a group area to encourage interaction between students and teachers. Redbud tree images integrated into the school reinforce growth.

The school is situated on the site to take advantage of the natural setting with views of the tree-lined site.  Drop Off drives are separated to ensure the safety of the students.