What is my child learning?

Edmond Public Schools’ dynamic curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all students and to foster a life-long passion for creativity and learning. Students receive a strong foundation in the core subjects of reading, mathematics, science and social studies, but also have the opportunity to explore interest within the areas of Art, Physical Education, Music, Media Education, and Counseling through our program called Roadrunner Time.

EPS classrooms utilize a rigorous classroom framework where students are encouraged to master critical thinking and problem-solving skills to help them be college and career-ready. Curriculum standards reflect the Oklahoma state standards.

Key to the success of the curriculum is a dedicated staff of professionals who believe that high expectations yield results and that all students can be successful learners.

What Curriculum Does EPS Use?

Instructional Vision

kid drawing

Teachers and leaders at EPS believe that preparing students to be college & career ready requires strategic learning experiences relative to content standards and post-secondary expectations that include the following:

  • Environments that inspire mutual respect among all learners;

  • Optimism that equips learners with the tools and attitudes to approach problem-solving  with grit, perseverance, & confidence;

  • Inquiry that builds on natural curiosity;

  • Opportunities to merge content objectives with meaningful application and processes;

  • Robust student-centered activities, marked by collaborative conversations;

  • Support that honors the natural disequilibrium between the struggle to learn and the celebration of mastery;

  • Optimal levels of individual student growth, continuously monitored for understanding;

  • Feedback combined with self-assessment that empowers students to set incremental goals toward long-term results;

  • Effective communication that demonstrates acquired knowledge and skills.