kids throwing colored powder in the air

Redbud families,

Thank you for your generous support of our third annual Rocky Color Run fundraiser! We are so proud to announce that we raised over $38,000 during the fundraising period!

In addition to the amount we received from our Redbud community, including many family members and friends, we raised $10,000 in sponsorships as well as over $1,500 of in-kind donations. Thanks to our generous sponsors, we were able to fully cover the costs of the 2024 Rocky Color Run so that your donations all go directly to our fundraising goals.

Heartfelt thanks to:


Schindler Design Co.


LoFi Dental


A.R.K. Ramos

DNR Handyman

Edmond Pediatrics


A few quick fun facts:

-Redbud received donations from friends and family in 24 states

-Over 90% of our students registered on FundHub

-We had around 100 volunteers come help make the Color Run day a success!

-More than 400 pounds of colorful powder were thrown during the run

Due to the success of this fundraiser, we will be able to support our school in many ways. We are looking forward to closing out this glowing school year and look forward to what we will get to do together next!

Let’s glow,

Redbud PTO

kids with rockykids running in racekids talking after racekids running in racekids throwing colored powder in the air4 women standing outside